The operetta Im Weißen Rössl - The White Horse Inn was staged six times in 2009 at the Shakespeare Company in Bremen/Germany. It was written by Ralph Benatzky and was first performed in 1930. The plot unfolds inside and around the hotel "Weißes Rössl" in Sankt Wolfgang located in the Salzkammergut region of Austria.
The protagonists arrive step by step in the White Horse Inn; between lush alpine meadows and the azure water of the Wolfgangsee in a romantic holiday atmosphere, the feelings grow and break out until everyone has found the right partner. The banal actions and music are devoid completely of kitsch. The basic structure of the visual concept created by Choon Ja Meinberg and Pascal Howe broke from the original. From a distance the fictional world fulfills every demand of kitsch, but the details become visible when viewed up close. The costumes were made of fine rib underwear stitched to resemble traditional and stereotypical clothing. The tree is only a fragile and ephemeral arrangement of old cables; the green is made of cable-fixers and the lush alpine meadows are only a projection that could not exist without human intervention.



STAGE Anselm Stälin, Annika Tritschler, Marthe Trottnow, me

COSTUME Choon Ja Meinberg, Jasmin Thater, myself
DIRECTOR Gregor Horres

PHOTOS Eike Harder