Cluster Dots


Without being limited to any specific form or function, the Cluster Dots are something in between a shelf and a closet. The dots turn your wall into a storage space for everyday objects in just a few steps. Things like notes, magazines, clothes, shoes or kitchen utensils can be hung or held behind the stretched line. The design can be implemented in a number of ways. Your choice of items determines the character of your personal Cluster Dots installation. The Cluster Dots were designed for acme SUPPLiES of Studio Pascal Howe and Studio Moritz Putzier.


2015, finetextured & powder coated steel, a belt made of PU,  2,9 x 3,4cm
Made in EU & Designed of us and Studio Moritz Putzier for acme SUPPLiES.

Cluster Dots for acme SUPPLiES